About Me

“One of the most animated, energetic and ravishing women I've ever slept with.” ~ Tom Hardy

With the flowers Tom Hardy sent me for Valentine's Day

Well, I’m happy to report that I've led a life bonkers enough thus far that my memoirs are already a bestseller. I’ve done a stint as a professional Susan Boyle impersonator, stripped down to my knickers in front of TV cameras while weighing 19 stone for my RTÉ documentary Nine Stone Lighter, I've been dry-humped by comedy legend Rik Mayall, published an erotic novella I wrote when I was just 14, written and produced smash hit comedy TV show and movie Damo & Ivor, had a number 1 podcast reading my teenage diaries from the 90s. So if you'd like to know everything about me then just read my book Flabyrinth as all of my brutal honesty is in there. That’s why I’m naked on the cover surrounded by 1000 doughnuts. In this case, you should judge the book by the cover because that photo says it all.

And now, in 2022, as I'm rolling down the other side of the big 4-0 hill I'm back doing what I do best. Writing.

Out of all the interviews I've done, this lovely piece by Barry Egan from the Sunday Independent is my favourite as it explains my story the best...