The Cringe Binge Podcast: My '90s Teenage Diary

In this hilarious and revealing podcast show,

host Jules Coll invites her guests to revisit their formative years by dusting off their intimate teenage diaries and reading them out in public for the very first time.


From terrible poetry, musings on pop music and cringeworthy crushes to fond recollections of schooldays and teen discos, to poignant and searingly honest confessions, these extracts reveal the secret thoughts, feelings and experiences of a host of well-known Irish personalities growing up in Ireland in the '90s and '00s.


As they delve into the past and reflect on their youth, will they be filled with nostalgia or embarrassment? What would they say to their younger selves?

Jules also reveals more musings from her cringeworthy teen diaries made famous by her bestselling autobiography Flabyrinth

Find out all this - and a lot more besides - in these surprising, insightful and hugely entertaining podcasts.

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